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Past Work (2010)

The Emblems are acrylic and walnut constructions that activate three key legacies from the 20th century: mass-production, the military-industrial complex, and architecture. Here we face objects that resemble hieroglyphs of a familiar past. One can imagine them as the contours of a modern building, the hull of a ship, the outline of a weapon. The angular lines and smooth finish evoke the impersonal feel of industry, yet retain a primal force that cannot be contained. The lines on the surface are not machine-made, but hand-carved. They arise from a loose, gestural approach that responds to the angles and proportions of the sculpture.


EMBLEMS | Solid acrylic and walnut constructions, 35 x 8 x 3 inches, 2011


EMBLEMS & INSIGNIA | Solo Exhibition at LE Gallery and reference: (Toronto), May 2010